Emperadores: Established December 15th, 1990

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the Emperadores Chapter of Lambda Sigma Upsilon. In fact, our founding brothers endured more than ten weeks of difficult pledging in order to successfully establish a new chapter. The strong foundation they built still supports the tenacious strength of those crossing into brotherhood today — more than a decade later.

Making the story of our founders even more admirable is the fact that, like our ancestors, they established themselves amid great controversy. Other Latino organizations on-campus made efforts to stop LSU from being brought to Kean but the founders felt strongly that the Latino community needed the advantage of multiple choices and so they persevered against all odds. Indeed, their efforts paid off. To date, dozens of young men [Latinos and other cultures] have followed in the footsteps of our founders and become proud, life-long brothers of the Emperadores Chapter.

The story of Emperadores begins with ten Latino men interested in bringing an organization focused on brotherhood, integrity, and dedication to the Kean College community. These men were born as”Immigrants” of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity at NJIT’s Hazell Student Center, Room 117 at precisely 8:40pm on Friday October 5, 1990. Only 7 of them would complete their “journey” many weeks later on December 15th in the “wee hours” of the morning…

During those long hard weeks of their 71+ day journey, the remaining men chose a chapter name that reflected their struggles and cultural history. Unlike fraternities who simply name their chapters after Greek letters (i.e. “Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc), Lambda Sigma Upsilon’s names derive their inspiration from historic and cultural heritage. “Emperadores” was chosen appropriately — reflecting the Spanish Empire’s lengthy reign over the Caribbean, Central &South America. This period of “Empires” was extremely important to all descendants because the Spanish crusades inherently led to the creation of the beautiful mix of Spanish, Native Indian, and African that defines today’s “Latinos.” And so, a new empire was built with the values and traditions of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Inc. and thus, a new name and a new chapter was born…The TerrorDome !!!